The Bible by the Numbers

I usually don’t write about religion on this blog.  But, I ran across an interesting article about just how many words are in the Christian Bible.  I know that this has almost nothing to do with personal finance, but it is statistical.  Okay it’s a stretch, but it is interesting nevertheless, and I thought that I would share these statistics with you.


The Bible contains:

3,566,480 letters or characters

773,692 words

31,173 verses

1,189 chapters

66 books


If you could read almost four chapters per day, you could finish the Bible in a year.  I’m always amazed when people set seemingly insurmountable goals when they are reading the Good Book.  I have a friend who is trying to read one book of the Bible every night.  I also know of another person who tries to read a short book like “James” five times a day until he knows it backwards and forwards.


When you are setting your own personal, professional, or even spiritual goals, try not to make them too easy.  Goals should be almost reachable but not quite.  Objectives that are slightly beyond our grasp make us work that much harder to obtain them.


Statistics source: “Strength for Service to God and Country” Edited by Norman E. Nygaard

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