Now You Can Run Your Own Mutual Fund

Have you every thought that you could do a better job running a mutual fund than some of the so called “professionals”?  I have.  Well, now you have your chance. is website that lets you start you own simulated mutual fund, track your stocks’ progress, and compete with others.

Not only is the website a lot of fun, but you can also try out your own investing acumen or investing strategies from the safety of your own couch or wherever you surf the web.

I found this website through, an aspiring mutual fund advisor’s attempt at running a mutual fund. 


Before a novice investor tries and invests in individual stocks, running your “own” mutual fund on the web will help you get the hand of individual stock investing. My mutual fund has beaten the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the NASDAQ this month, but of course I am just starting.  I’ll try and post regularly here and let you know how my mutual fund is doing.



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